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  STP PowderCoating

STP Powder coating is a full service custom powder coating business located in Amity Oregon. We are set up to clean, prep, blast, and coat any metal part up to 6 feet long. Most popular items to be coated are automotive wheels, valve covers, brackets, intake and exhaust manifolds, suspension parts, etc... We also do bicycle parts, 4 wheeler and motorcycle frames and parts, and anything else (that is metal and can fit in the curing oven). 
Located about 15 miles north west of Salem Oregon we are an easy commute from Portland, Salem, Mcminnville etc...

What can we coat?
We can coat any metal item that can fit into a 3x3x7 foot curing oven. 
What about colors? 
With over 6500 colors to choose from: including mirror , high gloss , semi gloss , flat , hammered , wrinkle, or textured, even Glow in the dark. You should be able to find the color you need.
Checkout for color options 
Ceramic coating
These coatings are good for up to 2000 deg f. 
​We currently stock cerakote Glacier Black, titanium, and Satin Nickel. Other special order colors available upon request. It's great for automotive headers, as well as motorcycle and atv exhaust parts.

If you are interested in creating your own website like this one check out webstarts at it it's free to start. Thanks for looking.
 Price estimates are for a standard single stage color. Multi stage colors will be extra. Estimates include : cleaning, finish removal, blasting, prep and coating in the color you choose.... All parts will require a quote..

----- AUTOMOTIVE --------
 up to 16" start at $35​
17-18"= $40 each
 19-20"= $45 each
  21-22"= $50 each

Stamped Steel V8 = $40/ pair 

Steel inline 6 = $30 ea 

4 cyl steel = $20 ea 
4 cyl aluminum start at $35 ea

Most brackets are $5- $15 depending on size 
Single Pulley = $15 ea
"stacked" Pulley = $20 ea

---- MOTORCYCLE / ATV --------

ATC FRAMES = start at $150 ea
QUAD FRAMES = start at $200 ea
​ATV Wheels = $20 ea
Motorcycle Wheels = $35 ea
Swing Arm = $35 ea
Handle Bar =$15 - $20 


Frame / Fork (same color) =$80
Frame =$75
Fork =$15

--------- EXHAUST ------------

Short v8 headers 
black $100/set 
(add $25 for long tubes)

Tire dismounting = $5 each
We can re-mount the tires for $10 however we do not have a balancer at this time. With this said it may save you a couple bucks to have the tire shop mount and balance the tires upon completion. ​
We accept PayPal  or you could simply pay for the service when you pick up the completed product.
If you will be shipping us the items, shipping fees (both ways), and packaging will be your responsibility.
Payment Options
and Ceramic Coating Services
      Amity Oregon​
  Media blasting  services available upon request. Although price quotes on coating services include blasting, we also offer this as a seperate service as well.  

Tire dismounting services are available as well. We can dismount tires (up to 17 inch wheels). This will save you one trip to the tire store, speed up your turn around time, as well as hopefully saving you a few dollars.  

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